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"Wise people are builders..."

Do you have a passion to build your business God’s way but are not sure where to start? Do the responsibilities of parenting, being a fully engaged spouse, and building your business seem crushing and impossible? Combining these things can feel like moving a sinking ship forward with a spoon as a paddle. But, when done right they can all thrive and be the most rewarding things in your life, adding value to each other.

Tim invites you on his journey through entertaining stories and Biblically sound insight to define and find success in business, family, and community as a Jesus follower.

Building With God launches you into a journey towards a healthy marriage and financial freedom and gives insight into how to pursue your dreams in business. Uncover wisdom’s secret path for your life and become the Holy Spirit-led leader that God built you to be in the marketplace.

What Readers Are Saying

“Genuinely written and captivating! I can’t put this book down!”  - Reuther Family

“This book is humorous, heart-warming and full of insightful nuggets about things like debt, generosity and family budgets. Tim is on a journey that every Christian man is destined to take.”  - Steve

“Building With God is eye opening and heartfelt”  - Sam

“Tim writes with a beautiful authenticity, natural humor, and genuine heart. An easy and enjoyable read (I don't think I lost focus once while reading). Thank you, Tim, for sharing your story, wisdom, and desire to build with God.” - Claire

“What a beautiful, inspiring, and raw example of life’s journey into the entrepreneur’s business world. His perspective of how to allow Jesus to guide your business without losing sight of your family and marriage is very insightful.” - Hailey